Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Strorefront Sales Machine

Facebook can be a source of incredibly profitable new leads that enter your practice ready to book procedures, or it can be a frustrating time suck. It’s all in how you optimize your page to lead people from intrigued to educated to trusting you as their cosmetic provider without leaving Facebook.

Why is it so important to do this within your Facebook page? Facebook is a business. Their goal is to keep people on Facebook. The longer they stay on Facebook, the more ads Facebook can show them, and the more money Facebook makes. While many people will say Facebook has become a “pay to play” environment for all businesses, that’s not the experience we’ve had. If you follow these steps to optimize your Facebook page and posts, you should see the organic growth and qualified leads we’ve experienced with other practices.

Services and Products: Sell on Your Facebook Page and Posts

Services and products are custom tabs that allow you to create snippets about of your offerings, including photos, description, and pricing information. Once you create a menu of offerings, you can then tag your posts with the services and products related to them, so that anyone that views that post can jump right into the research phase of their decision-making process, without leaving your Facebook page.

Custom Tabs on Your Facebook Page

Ultherapy famously offered practices a custom Facebook page tab that allowed them to capture lead forms (email, name, and phone number) of interested potential patients directly on their Facebook page. But you don’t have to be Ultherapy to build custom tabs. Beyond capturing information, custom tabs can include information about your practice, providers, featured specials of the month, or really anything else you can think of.

Managing Messenger with Bots

Facebook messenger bots are a great way to allow those people who reach out to you looking for answers to routine questions to self-service those needs within Facebook messenger. Messaging apps are becoming increasingly important within the cosmetic treatments industry as more and more potential patients are doing research and reaching out to potential providers while at work or inbetween¬†caring for their children or other responsibilities where a phone call wouldn’t allow them to be as private as they might like. Because of this trend, if you don’t have a messaging system, you are losing out on potential patients. Facebook messenger bots are a great, low-maintenance way to offer messaging (both on your website and by app on a cell phone) without spending a lot of money or time.

Using Messenger to Schedule Appointments and Send Automated Reminders

Have you tried using direct messaging on Facebook as a call-to-action at the end of your posts yet? You can even tag your post with messenger to make it easier for your followers to start the conversation about scheduling with you. Once you do schedule an appointment within the messenger app, Facebook allows you to create an appointment within the conversation, and will automatically remind the patient about the appointment.

Optimizing Your Header Image/Video on Your Facebook Page

Your header image (or video) is a great way to show off your practice. While most of your competitors will use stock imagery and call out their current specials, you will win more trust and interest by using your Facebook page header to show off the experience of your practice. Use video to take potential patients on a journey from your front door into the treatment room. Introduce them to your staff and providers. Show them exactly what they can expect when they book that consult, and they’ll move from intrigued to ready-to-book faster than ever before.

Photo & Video Collections

One often-overlooked way to optimize your Facebook page for making sales is to create multimedia¬†albums of photos and videos. By collecting all of the best posts you’ve made about a certain product, including before and after photos, patient testimonial videos, quotes from reviews, and videos of the procedure, you’re making it easy for your followers to view you as an expert on that procedure.


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